The three parts of the project:

The Solo:

Each choreographer creates a solo of up to 5 minutes in length to be brought to each country. This solos are "presents" or "postcards" to the audience and eaach other and will be performed alongside the group work created during our residency in each city. They will be physical representations of a postcard - aiming to represent the "flavour" of their life and culture in their respective cities. Each person works with music at some point in the solo that originates from their country to help provide a musical, and therefore, cultural context for the piece.

The Group Work: Between summer 1999 and january 2001 the five choreographers meet in one of their home cities (Sofia, London, Riga, Zurich and Budapest). They spend 14 days collaborating, improvising and creating a new work to be performed 2-3 times in that city. In each place the meetings explore a new theme:

home - bones

Individual and mutual expressions of our childhood, family and what home means to each of us.

trying - byeing - crying

Big distances seperate us and we have to deal with this constantly. The reality of being together sometimes seems as unrealistic as to be far away. We have to learn to adapt very fast to the situations of meeting and leaving.

switch bridge

Our communication has to function for most of us through a language other than our mother tongue. This makes understanding not always easy, creating obstacles to be overcome despite the strong awareness of the limits of our understanding. We explore miscommunication on a verbal and physical level and the resulting chaos that could potentially ensue.


The celebration of friendship. Coming from such different backgrounds what are the fundamental connections between people? What is the first element of friendship to establish itself and why?


Wishes for the next millenium.

The documentation: Each of this working meetings will be documentated by an artist (photographer, video artist...) resident in the visited city. This artist will follow the working process and picture it in his own way. This documentation is taken on to each following city to be presented as an exhibition alongside the performances.