Zoltan Nagy (Hungary)

e-mail: stimula@freemail.hu

homepage: www.mozdulat.hu

date of birth: 14th of May 1969


Education and traning:
1988-1991 Teacher"s Training College in Debrecen visual and drawing diploma
1993-94 Courses of Workshop Studio in Budapest
1995 Six weeks schoolarship in New York
1996-98 Courses of the Workshop Foundation in Budapest
1999-2000 Guest student in EDDC ( European Dance Development Center), dance Academy, Arnhem (NL)
2001-2002 Graduate student in University of Maryland MFA program (choreoraphy)

1994 Sound by Phobos Dance Company Red dance film
1995 Embrace by Phobos Dance company
1996 Circle by Phobos Dance Company
1997 Lonely by Phobos Dance Company Sexes dance film Garden for thr Central Europe Dance Theater
1998 Crime by Phobos Dance Company
1999 Akathistos by Phobos Dance Company
2000 Branching Paths of the Garden by Phobos Dance Company
2001 Waiting Red Seven South Gate by Phobos Dance Company

1995 First prize of "Inspiration"
First prize of "Opus" by the New Performing Art
2001 Robert Ellis Dunn Fellowship Choreography