Performances: January 7th / 8th / 9th, 2000 at Tanzhaus Zurich.

Some words about the second part of the project from Bettina Holzhausen


During the 10 days rehearsal period we were able to work in the space where the performance would take place. This was a big advantage compared to the situation in Riga, where we rehearsed in various studios and were only able to spend one day at the performance space.

Having already worked intensively in Riga, the experience enabled us to immediately begin working from day one with the process of collaboration already established. The crucial, but painstaking, period of discovering our approach to this joint venture was already defined.


Without the time to take space and look at the work from a distance the brainstorming demands a lot of concentration to be able to look through the chaos of ideas and impressions around. Inevitably some of the material started to make more sense and slowly formed the basis of the work. We decided to keep three to four strong and clear ideas concerning the stage design and the elements involved (paper bags, suitcases, wall etc.).

Over the 10 days we continued developing these themes with the five solos built into these scenes weaving from group form to solos. It evolved that we worked less as a group on stage but instead focused on duet and trio combinations. This enabled us to always have at least one person to act as an outside eye on each section and direct its development.


After Riga, we began to discuss and exchange ideas in more detail, without the fear of offending or being "precious" with our ideas. It is always difficult to work with the issue of compromise when there is more than one artist collaborating. Naturally (and understandably) there were times of complete frustration with the process and with each other. This was a sure sign that our communication was progressing and we were all truly participating in the process with no one leading.

Fiona in Zurich

I think that our way of communicating will continue developing during the next three parts of the project. What we take with us now is the certainty that we will always be able to come up with a performance, however short, seemingly chaotic, and stressful the process will be. Having done it twice, we can now do it many times more.

For me personally as the 'host' it was a very hard and stressful time and sometimes I was felt exhausted. But within this I also lived many magic moments for myself and the group. I became really addicted to the creative process itself - with exciting days full of ideas and filled up with movement, and other days when none of us could make happen. The ups and downs of any choreographic work we experienced in just 10 intense days.
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