Article in "CULTURE", Bulgaria.
8 June 2001



The performance 'WISH-DISH' puts an accent on the process of celebration, the wishes that we make on any official or personal holiday, the hopes of the people, the different traditions and rituals and of course the food - the cooking and the attitude towards it as a basic element of every holiday.

The separate poses and components of the dance clearly form the integral fuss, embarrassment and exhaustion caused by the preparations before the event. The choreographers place stress on the thousands of pointless and useless things that seen to be a compulsory part of every celebration. The verbal means are used, combined with the choreographic ones. The names of fruits, vegetables and various meals are being spoken in English. And if in the beginning the words have meaning, in the end they wash away and do not function as words anymore. The audience slowly gets the feeling and memory of the fuss experienced by any one of us before a celebration.

The contemporary dance language successfully corresponds to the symbols of the current celebration rituals, with all the current stereotypes that are a part of our everyday life.

The five choreographers manage to create an integral performance in the course of their mutual work. And, by the means of their solo performances, to articulate the contrast of their cultures.